Tukang Saeh

In the aspect of literacy, he did not stop researching and collecting literature that discussed daluang. In one of the literature, he said, it is mentioned that in the past, before it became paper, daluang functioned as clothing. 
In the exploration aspect, the saeh tree is not only used by Mufid to produce daluang, but also a variety of prototypes of artworks. Starting from bags, canvases to musical instruments. 
“Therefore, I prefer to be called a saeh because I can explore more freely,” said Ahmad Mufid Sururi with a smile.
He is also open to collaborating with anyone who is interested in daluang. “Some are interested in collaborating on the form of the sheet, some are in the production and sales process,” he said. 
Mufid also always educates anyone who is interested in daluang.
Most of it he did in his gallery. However, not infrequently he was called as a resource person in workshops held by schools or communities.

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